Spray Chalk For Bowls.

Bowls spray chalk is used to mark  a bowl that has touched the jack, this is only on the delivery of the bowl and not one that has bumped into it by
being knocked by another bowl. Players at the jack end or head will spray the bowl with the chalk.This is supposed to be the person in charge of the head but it is usually the person with some chalk. A couple of puffs is usually enough. This must be done quickly before the other bowl comes to a stop.

Bowls Spray Chalk 20 pieces

This is a great white bowl spray chalk in 20 pieces. For bowling games and is approved for all competitions. Easy to use and can be cleaned off with a dry cloth.
bowls spray chalk
Delivery time:1 to 2 days

Bowls Spray Chalk 10 pieces

This is light green spray chalk and  it is approve for all games. Wipes off in a second and great value for money. One of the best.
white-chalk spray
bowls spray chalk
Delivery time:if in stock next day

Bowls Spray Chalk

This is water based lawn bowls spray chalk and wipes off in a jiff. Approved for all bowls games and competitions. 1 piece.
bowls spray chalk
Delivery time:1 to 2 days