Bowls Spray Chalk 10 pieces

white-chalk spray
bowls spray chalk
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This is light green spray chalk and  it is approve for all games. Wipes off in a second and great value for money. One of the best.

Spray Chalk In 10 pieces.

10 pieces of spray chalk that is value for money in this saver bulk buy. There are good discounts on the deal but you can also buy it in larger qualities so see our other deal of 20 pieces of spray chalk. More and more people are now switching away from hard chalk as it is can be made wet with the tongue and with the Covid epidemic it has been deemed unsafe by some clubs. It is bad practice to wet the chalk by licking it and marking the bowl. This s a good size chalk and will last for a long time and is from a well known supplier so you can rely on it to work.


The spray is white and has a fine mist that will put a few spots pf chalk on the bowl.
Tremendous savings with our deals so give us a call.
Great quality, does not make a mess and Hygienic
Easy pocket size so will not feel bulky in the pocket
Can be bought in 20 pieces box or in singles pieces.

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