Bowls Spray Chalk 20 pieces

bowls spray chalk
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This is a great white bowl spray chalk in 20 pieces. For bowling games and is approved for all competitions. Easy to use and can be cleaned off with a dry cloth.

Spray Chalk For Bowls in a box of 20 Pieces.

This is a value pack of lawn bowls white spray chalk. This is a bundle of 20 so is a value for money deal. 10 Mg of spray in each bottle of spray chalk is now cheaper than ever due to our large discount on this product. This is the most hygienic way to mark bowls that have touched the jack. It is not good practice to wet a piece of chalk with your tongue and then mark the bowl. With the spray, just give a couple of sprays and the chalk mark will be seen easily, and will come of with a wipe. Give us a call if you need some advice on pricing. Many clubs now buy this chalk from us as we do offer such good deals and we sell to clubs all over the United Kingdom.

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This is great value for money. White colour is the most popular.10 mg of spray chalk and quality mist.This is a bulk price but you can contact us if you want larger quantities.
Hygienic as chalk does not touch your lips like hard chalk pieces.
Approved by all the bowls associations.
Can be purchased in 10 pieces of spray chalk.
Tel 0141 353 3788 or email us at