Bowls Spray Chalk

bowls spray chalk
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This is water based lawn bowls spray chalk and wipes off in a jiff. Approved for all bowls games and competitions. 1 piece.

Bowls Spray Chalk | Lawn Bowls.

The lawn bowls  spray chalk is an accurate and easy way to mark bowls and is used by both outdoors and indoors clubs.A lawn bowl that rolls  into the ditch is out of play. It is not out of bonds if it is a toucher. that is a bowl that has touched the jack. It can be knocked out by another bowl but will still be counted as it is a toucher. To keep track of the touchers it is marked with chalk. This is where the spray chalk comes in to play.It is easy to just spray a couple of puffs onto the bowl . It is water based so it is easy to wipe off. It is very hygienic. Some people when using chalk stick wet this with their tongue and then mark the bowl.This was frowned upon during the outbreak of Covid and some clubs still insist on using a spray. This is not the case with spray chalk.

  • Easy to use.
  • Hygienic.
  • Water based so easy to clean bowls.
  • Value for money.