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The Taylor International Bowl  with  Progrip  has a wider draw than the Ace but has a strong finish to the jack.

Is theTaylor International Bowl Any Good?

The International makes it a great choice for outdoor greens and slower paced indoor greens and is a great bowl for thirds and skips. No doubt about it this is a fantastic set of bowls and is pushed aside by the popularity of the Ace.

Having played with this bowl I can recommend the Taylor international for any position outdoors. It does run a little wider than the Taylor Ace but not too much. The Taylor Internationals bowl does not have a hook finish but a strong line to the jack. Such bowls with hooks at the end have now fallen out of favour with players and manufacturers. The International is good for experienced and new bowlers.

What Grips Can I Get. ?

The Taylor  International comes with the  Progrip as standard but you can have the extreme grip fitted for £30.The Extreme grip is a deep channel grip giving better control.
The Progrip is a variation of the dimple grip and is still very popular with bowlers. The Progrip is less of a channel but does feel very comfortable in the hand.


Great line to the jack.
Great for outdoor greens.
Progrip as standard.
Can be made with the Extreme Grip but will cost an extra £30
It’s versatile and consistent.

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  • Note coloure bowls are more expensive than the black models.