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Taylor ACE extreme Grip

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The Taylor Ace extreme grip lawn bowl is a new addition to the Taylor range.The extreme grip comes free on the Ace and gives extra control

Taylor Ace With Extreme grip.

Taylor Ace Bowl With this new grip Bowl is a new addition to the range. Modern engineering has allowed Taylor to improve the ACE with this new extreme grip. This grip is a channel at the correct depth with dimples and allows you to get a better grip. This does allow for more control and may help with your aim and line. You will improve your line and trajectory of the bowl. This grip is now the most popular bowl in the United Kingdom and gets great reviews from our customers.

The ACE Is A Mid Bias Bowl

The Ace is a mid-bias bowl with a wider draw than the vector but with a stronger route to the jack. The ACE is used for any position indoors or out and is a superb all rounder. Nearly all our customers are now going for this new grip. Soon all bowls will have this grip. Call 0141 353 3788 for more information and stock levels.


Emblems are taken randomly from the range. The logo shown will not be the logo on your bowls. If you require any special emblem there is a charge of £25. Extreme grip on other bowls costs £35. PLEASE CALL 0141 353 3788 for advice or to check stock.See the Black ACE

Ace With New Grip and Paint.

Comes  with an new technical  paint with long lasting properties. The New Xtreme Grip will replaces the Half Pipe  which has now been taken off production.The delivery time for the new bowl;

Bowls to be made to order are in a waiting list. Call us for more details.
This new  grip is free of charge with the Ace Model. Other models have a surcharge of £25 +vat and longer production times.

What Is New

  • What is new with the extreme grip.
  • This is a brand new design.
  • This grip is a like a channel grip with a hollow and dimples for great grip.Will help you aim and you maybe able to use a large bowl.
  • New engraving techniques and emblems.
  • Special technical paint made to last.
  • Bowls come with a logo this is a random pick.

TEL 0141 353 3788 FOR DETAILS