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The Taylor ace bowl. Great for both indoors / outdoors and is a great all-round bowl and now has some new designs.

The Ace Black Bowls.

BLACK is usually made to order and can be in the Pro or Extreme grip. But we have some stock so it is always worthwhile checking out this site for more information. This is a superb mid-bais bowl and will give a good steady line to the jack. This is one of the best bowls on the market and has been used by new players and professionals for decades. Of course, it has been upgraded and improved to perfection. I would suggest this bowl to anyone new to bowls. See below for the Extreme grip now added to all Ace for free and it does help with better aim and grip.

Extreme Grip For More Control

The black Ace with extreme grip is the same as the coloured versions with the same bias and weight. Over the years Taylor coloured bowls have become the norm and it is black that has taken a back seat. Some bowlers still ask for them and of course, they are a bit cheaper than the coloured versions. Come into our shop and let our friendly and experienced staff help you choose the correct size of bowl, or have a few throws on or test rink.This will give you a good idea on how the bowl feels in your hand.

Pro Grip

The Black Tayor Ace can come in the pro grip if required. This is the same bias as the extrem but with the dimples and not the deep channel.

Great bowls from this supplier.

The ACE is one of the top selling bowls.

New coloured rings and logos are now available.

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