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Drakes Pride 4 bowls carrier.Will carry any size of bowl.Strong and easy to carry with sturdy handles. Black only

Drakes Pride 4 bowl sling.

The bowls sling is for carrying 4 bowls.It is a no frills four sections sling with 4 compartments to keep the bowls from jumping about and getting damaged. It has two carry handles that meet and form a comfortable carry handle. This is one of the simplest designs and has stood the test of time and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of bowlers have and are still using this carrier.No one knows when it was first introduced to bowling but it did catch on. It is one of the most popular systems and ideal if you do not want a more expensive bag.

Value For Money Carry System.

One good reason is the price it is not expensive and because of its construction, it lasts for years It does not have zips and is almost a one piece design. It has proved to be a winner and will continue to do so for years to come. If you want something a bit more flashy then look at our Quatro 4 bowls bag.


Simple design for 4 bowls from this trusted manufacturer
Strong and durable and very little can go wrong with this sling.
Will fit most sizes of bowls.
Value for money and will last for years.
Very popular with bowlers.