Drakes Pride Professional lawn Bowl

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Drakes Pride professional bowl Is one of the most  successful and popular bowls and one of the best sellers in the range. Free delivery.

Professional Lawn Bowl.

A fantastic and successful lawn bowl used by beginners and professionals.The Professional model is a mid bias that gives a consistent and gradual trajectory to the jack that allows a good range of shots.This is a great bowl for both outdoor and indoor use. You can see our video to show the bias compared to other styles and of course, they all come stamped with a great range of colours. 

Stock of Bowls

Please phone us on 0141 353 3788 for colours available. At busy times it may not be able to supply all colours. If you want to can design your own bowl on the wizard.At the moment there is a long waiting list for new bowls but it is worth keeping and eye on our website as it is kept up-to-date. Check out the pro 50 model as it is the same as the  professional but with a channel grip. Come in to our shop or give us a call for more details.

  • Tremendous seller.
  • Used by all levels of skill.
  • Beautiful line to the jack.
  • Tried and tested over the last 20 years and used by top players.
  • Improved style and colours to bring this bowl into line with the modern styles and shades. Almost all the bowls sold now are coloured.