Drakes Pride Pro 50 Bowl

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pro 50
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Drakes Pride  pro 50 bowl with new grips. These Grips  will give a much more controlled delivery. This is the way to go. We have stock.

Drakes Pride Channel Grip.

The Latest and newest bowl is the Drakes Pride PRO-50. It is has the same performance to the very popular Professional series with  new grip known as a channel grip. This new grip is revolutionary and at the moment not offered by any other company.  Known as the 'Channel Grip' this grip is unlike any other currently offered by any other company.

Improved Grip.

This grip consists of 2 channels on the bowl and gives incredible grip and many players had reported that it improves the grip and delivery. It has in some players allowed them to increase the size of bowl they use.


Performance is exactly the same as the Professional model,one of the best selling bowls in the world.This bowl  will give extra grip and can be use both indoors and outdoors. The professional model will continue to be popular but the new channel grip will give better handling.
•Better Grip.
•Top Performance Bowl.
•2 channels.
•Various  colours. 

Channel Grip