Henselite Tiger 2 Bowl bowls

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The  Henselite Tiger 2 lawn bowl  is a fantastic for fast greens and indoors. Superb quality with the new Mega Grip.Holds the line to the jack.

Henselite Tiger 2

The Tiger II is perfect for fast outdoor surfaces and indoor greens.  It has a draw line just inside the Tiger PRO and offers a lenient, gentle draw to the jack with no hook at the end, making it primarily ideal for front end players.

Outdoor Greens.

The Tiger 2 bowls are a very popular choice for bowlers playing on fast lawns and has been a winner with new players because of the gentle sweep and holding its line to the jack.

It  is not unusual for bowlers playing with the Henselite brand to remain with this bowl throughout their playing career.I have many friends including myself that will not play with any other type of bowl. They are well worth the money.

  • Great quality Bowls.
  • Keeps it line to the jack.
  • Good second hand resell value.