Henselite Tiger TX Mega Grip

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The new bowl the Henselite Tiger TX is a narrow bias bowl with a superb line to the jack; and is for fast or indoor play.

Tiger Tx With New Mega Grip.

The new Tiger TX is now on sale. This is a narrow bias bowl and holds a good line to the jack. See our bias chart for details UK range. The line is just inside the well know Tiger 2 but still gives a steady and accurate draw finish. Good for fast surfaces or indoor bowls but can be used all year around. Comes with the brand new mega grip that gives great control and helps with accuracy. If you want a bowl with a wider line then try the Tiger. Having trialled the TX I can say that this is a fantastic bowl and it will gain in popularity as more and more bowlers are catching on to the value of this bowl in the game.


Comes in Midnight Rich and Ocean green. Note colours are added regularly and they come with Mega Grip as Standard.Superb line to the jack.The TX only comes in Heavyweight.


Please contact us if we do not have the size you want. Tel 0141 353 3788To select a colour or size pick from the drop down menu. We only have what we have in stock on the website.Please gives us a call  on 0141 353 3788 for more information or when new stock is expected.