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Sleeveless chunky knit bowling pullover. Soft feel and comfortable lawn bowling jumper top.This jumper will keep you warm.

Lawn Bowls Sleeveless Pullover.

 This is a good sleeveless pullover with a plain front and no logo sometimes called a slip and still very popular with some bowlers. It is clean cut and gives a certain amount of protection from the cold but still leaves the arms without any restrictions. Our bowling brand is one of the best sellers as opposed to the large brands that cost
an arm and a leg. This pullover is good quality and costs half the price of the dearer brands. The amount of time a player used a pullover is very small and I cannot see the sense in buying a very expensive jumper but in the end the choice is yours. We would not be selling them if they did not perform well.


High Bulk Acrylic Bowling V-Neck pullover. This is a very popular bowling top that is very stylish for the fashion victims.It is sleeveless and has a very nice soft feel.A Chunky knit style
Stitched collar and armbands for good looks.
Elastane cuffs and at the border.
7 gauge chunky fabric used in the design and manufacture.
High Bulk Acrylic Bowling top pullover.
 White for bowlers.