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drakes pride
supalock dp
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Drakes pride bowls measure. Smooth action string measure and calipers with up to 9 feet and small measures.

Lawn BowlsTape Measure.

 The Drakes Pride Supalock is a 9ft String Measure and one of the best in the range. The supalock gold has a small set of calipers for those small distances from the jack. We now only do the string version as the metal one was a bit too snappy and could be a problem with the steel band.  It is still worth noting that these bowls measuring tapes have a strong recoil so it is best not to let it go and have it spinning back with a bang.


  A Drakes Pride product.
It can measure up to 9 feet in length.
Can be used both indoors and out.
The measure has a caliper and a handy belt clip.
The measure is easy to use, simply hold the nib of the measure against the jack and pull out the string to reach the bowl.

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