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Gloves for lawn bowls for Both Men and women.This glove is adjustable with expanding panels, made for all weather and gives a better grip. 2 gloves in pack.

Bowling Gloves.

This is one of the best male bowling gloves on the market and it will increase your grip on the bowl and improve your aim.Will give you a better grip in any weather.Drakes Pride Bowls Gloves will give a superb grip of your Bowl. Wearing a bowls  glove is becoming more popular with players wanting to cure problems with grip
and not have to use Grippo or grip cloth.


Manufactured with synthetic leather.
They have a comfortable soft feel.
Flexible and will keep their shape
The perforated at the fingers and this helps with wicking away moisture..

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Do bowling gloves help with grip?

I get asked by bowlers, new and experienced, if gloves help to improve the grip and the quick answer is yes they do. Just like golf the glove can improve the grip as many golfer will testify to. this bowling aid is becoming more and more popular on the greens.  Gloves have come a long way with modern materials, sleek designs and improved feel.

Where did the practice start?

It is thought by many that the glove came to the lawn bowls world by golfers who like the comfort and grip if gave them. It seemed to work just as well on bowls and did improve the grip. From there manufacturers started to redesign the shape with a few modifications.


1 They give a good grip and most people who use them say it has improved the grip by around 60 percent and much easier to hold the bowl without any slipping our need of other aids. I have used the glove on many occasions and always keep one handy in my bag. Sometimes my hand gets dry and I need to use the glove.
2 The all weather glove we sell can be used, as it says on the tin, in all weathers, it adds to the overall experience and comfort to the player.
3 Not only does the gloves help with grip but it will keep you hand warm in bad weather conditions.

Left And Right Hand.

Lawn bowls gloves do not come in pairs, for obvious reasons, as only one hand is used in bowling and so sold in singles for both men and women with versions left or right hand.

The OBG gloves sold for many years but sadly they are no longer in business due to the Covid restrictions and will be missed. Fortunately, we now sell the very good quality Drakes Price glove  with elasticated wristband
and in modern man made fabrics, that give a good tight fitting. See the guide for measuring your hand.