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4 section bowl sling carrier with padded sections to protect bowls from bumps. These bowl slings are still very popular with bowlers indoors and out.

4 Section bowls Sling.

If you require a simple clean cut design then the sling is the one for you. Tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of players over the years this one has lasted the pace of time and shows no sign of disappearing any time soon. By far the most popular bag for transporting your bowls from your locker to the green. If you require something a bit more sophisticated then try the Quattro bag.This bowls sling is tough and durable and will fit bowls up to a size 5. The sections keep the bowls from banging about and secure so they do not fall out. This has always been the bag that new players buy because it is a no nonsense bag and work extremely well.

Special Features

4 Bowls Carrier at a great value for money price and still the most popular style
Great for carrying bowls to the rink side and no zips to worry about.
Webbed handle made of webbing, tough, durable and will last for years and can be repaired.
For all sizes of bowls no need to worry about sizing.
Padded in the sections to keep bowls apart and will avoid chipping.
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