Bowls Mini 4 Bag

taylor bowls
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Mini Sport Bag for Bowls with detachable shoulder strap and will take 4 bowls of any size.Lots of room for shoes and jacket etc.

Superb Bowlers Bag For Kit And Bowls.

This is a fantastic 4 bowl carry bag that is small enough but will take 4 bowls and other articles of clothing.It is designed for those who do not want a full size bag but still want a good bag to carry the kit. It is made with tough and durable material with strong carry handles. This is a very popular bag and comes in different colours.

  • Detachable shoulder strap.
  •  Zip opening.
  •  Strong zips.
  •  Carry handles.
  •  Modern material.
  • Fits any size bowl.
  • 3 Colours. 
  • Size L 29 cm x W 29 cm x H 32 cm.